We will be open 10-4 on New Years Eve, and Closed on New Years Day.

About Alpine Butcher

“We have a unique combination of service, quality, commitment, experience, and caring.”

Our commitment to bring you the finest quality steaks, and the best value in meats, is the same today as it was four generations ago in 1913 when Morrill Doyle started our family business.

ALPINE BUTCHER has continued to grow with each generation due to our attentive service, Prime meats, finest provisions, and house-made products. We firmly believe, and have proven, the way to continued growth is through hard work and a constant effort to supply and produce, top quality steaks, chops, and roasts that customers will talk about repeatedly. The best advertising is a thrilled customer.

At ALPINE BUTCHER every individual, is given personal attention as our many satisfied customers will attest. We provide you with what you want, when you want it, and exactly how you want it.

We are an old fashioned butcher shop like one your mother went to. Most of the meat items can be and are customized the way you want. Accordingly, we get to know and serve you better. Your happiness and satisfaction are very important to us.

Our Proud History

“Meat business since the early 1900’s …”

ALPINE BUTCHER is an old fashioned butcher shop that still offers strong quality and exceptional customer service from years gone. Our legacy had its start in the early 1900’s when Morrill Doyle, an immigrant from Canada, began delivering provisions door-to-door from a small horse drawn cart. The cart had a fold down cutting board where Morrill provided customized products to people around the city. In 1913 as the door-to-door business grew, Morrill opened the “Cash Market and Provisions” on Moody St., Lowell, MA.

After WWII in 1946, Morrill’s son Bob returned from the war to take over the business with a focus on the highest quality products and services. In the early 1960’s with the urban renewal sweeping Lowell, Bob relocates to Lowell Provision Company on September 22nd, 1966 to 23 Aiken Avenue. Lowell Provision Company was larger and more spacious and able to offer most things we know and love today.

Throughout the years, Bob allowed his children, nine in all, to work at the store. Over time, all of the children, and most of the grandchildren worked at the business and learned the trade through experience. Each found their own path in life, with three of Bob’s children, Dennis, Peter, & Philip staying to keep Lowell Provision Company’s legacy alive.

In 2013 two of Morrill’s great-grandchildren, Gregory and Thomas Doyle started managing ALPINE BUTCHER and expanded the variety of products made from scratch. Gregory and Thomas still focus on the same high quality meats, custom cuts, and superior customer service that has been the success of this family business for decades. We pride ourselves on trying to be as locally sourced and minimally processed as possible with our goods. We also support local craft breweries and have a small selection of fine wines that complement our products.

In 2015 Lowell Provision Company streamlined its operations to ALPINE BUTCHER where all house-made products are created at 963 Chelmsford St., Lowell, MA.

Today ALPINE BUTCHER is one of the oldest family owned butcher shops in the country!
The entire Doyle Family wishes to thank you for your patronage that has allowed our fourth generation business to operate for over 100 years!