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Alpine Butcher: Your Home For Exotic Meats

At Alpine Butcher, we have a proud history of offering what our customers want. We even go the extra mile to supply what they never knew they wanted before. While we carry beef (Kobe beef is the finest), poultry, and seafood, it is what lurks in our game section that has heads turning in our little butcher shop.

Local butcher shop We aren’t talking about your basic buffalo burger or Rocky Mountain oysters. We are talking about some of the more exotic meats that we have in our freezer that may interest the next adventurous soul to walk through our doors.





This one is a bit more normal, at least in the South. Gators are everywhere in Louisiana, Alabama, and Eastern Texas. There are gator farms where you can even hold baby alligators. There is a culture of eating gator meat in the south, and unless you have been, you won’t get a chance to eat the unique reptile.

It is important to note that American gators are plentiful, so you are all good to eat these babies. A good substitute in recipes for other lightly flavored meats such as poultry and seafood, they are relatively lean. The most common form of alligator meat used is from the tail and is, according to Florida Alligator, white meat with a “texture similar to veal.” While rib meat and nuggets also get produced, the tail is the choice cut.

With an average of 232 calories, it is a healthy meat and an exotic alternative for your next meal.




A traditional meal in the Southwest, the rattlesnake is slowly making its debut across the nation. The standard for use in recipes like barbecued snake meat and rattlesnake chili, this native snake is the most popular to eat in the United States. While many individuals don’t eat snake in the Northeast, many cultures around the world do eat snake meat more than we do.

Snake meat can range from being tough if prepared poorly to being relatively soft for being an exotic meat. The taste is debatable, but somewhere between chicken and frog legs seems to be a universal fit day.

Being relatively low in calories but high in protein, it is food that is quickly gaining popularity, especially in local areas for the snake. Like with everything, though, proper care is a must for the meat of the snake.




An alternative to typical poultry, Alpine Butcher offers squab. Squab is a young pigeon. Eaten by royalty years ago, it was a delicacy across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The squab today is bred by master breeders to have the large full breasts as characterized by the King Cal squabs.

Different than domestic poultry or even wild game birds, it is truly a unique experience that is usually only found in the high-end restaurants. It is a dark meat that is moist and flavorful while being one of the more easily digestible of all the meats. Pure squab meat will not have flown yet as they are fledgling pigeons.




Those are only a few of our exotic meat members here at Alpine Butcher. Stop on in and take a peek at our other meats including elk, pheasant, and Python that are rare to get at any other butcher shop.

We are at 963 Chelmsford St. in Lowell. Come by and take a look or call us at (978)-256-7771 to hear about our butcher shop specials!