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When you purchase a chicken, they typically will come with a small bag of innards that most individuals don’t think twice about throwing out. However, ask your butcher, and they can tell you that those gross looking things in the chicken are quite useful. Those innards are called giblets. They include select pieces from the […]

At Alpine Butcher, we have a proud history of offering what our customers want. We even go the extra mile to supply what they never knew they wanted before. While we carry beef (Kobe beef is the finest), poultry, and seafood, it is what lurks in our game section that has heads turning in our […]

We’ve all been there: we heard an urban legend that could just be true that makes it easy to believe. Or, maybe we learned an old superstition that we knew was a dud but still followed the precautions. There are some of these about grilling as well. Your local butcher shop provides you with quality […]

Asking what the best cut of steak is is like asking if the sun won’t rise tomorrow. It seems impossible to choose just one cut of steak to cook on the grill. Thankfully, when you go to buy steaks at a local butcher shop, you won’t need to choose just one cut of meat to […]

We have all done it: we have marinated meat for hours in the fridge or bought marinated meat from the butcher. We like the way the marinade sounds like it will taste. The list of marinades goes on and on. There are marinates for spicy, some for sweet, and it adds a little something that […]