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Asking what the best cut of steak is is like asking if the sun won’t rise tomorrow. It seems impossible to choose just one cut of steak to cook on the grill. Thankfully, when you go to buy steaks at a local butcher shop, you won’t need to choose just one cut of meat to […]

We have all done it: we have marinated meat for hours in the fridge or bought marinated meat from the butcher. We like the way the marinade sounds like it will taste. The list of marinades goes on and on. There are marinates for spicy, some for sweet, and it adds a little something that […]

With summer ahead of us, it is time to start thinking of bringing friends together and having some time outside. Your butcher can help. Alpine Butcher specializes in a variety of party boxes for any of your needs. During Mother’s Day, Father’s day, and birthdays with good weather, why sit at a restaurant? Enjoy the […]

Posted on May 23, 2017 in Alpine Butcher Blog

Take a second to consider this conundrum that has everyone in a twist. Which steak is better, one with more marbling or one with less? It has been the debate with steak for years, and it seems that each side has fair points. It can also relate to what is available for your grocer. But, […]

Posted on May 9, 2017 in Alpine Butcher Blog

It’s time to get cooking outside! While you can get the best cut of meat from your local butcher shop to cook on your grill, you also need to make sure that your grill is ready to cook. Without a properly prepped grill, your meat could go from fantastic to icky real fast. Here are […]