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Specials For All Your Summer Parties

butcherWith summer ahead of us, it is time to start thinking of bringing friends together and having some time outside. Your butcher can help. Alpine Butcher specializes in a variety of party boxes for any of your needs. During Mother’s Day, Father’s day, and birthdays with good weather, why sit at a restaurant? Enjoy the time you have on the grill and bring home one of our specials today!

We offer specials for all kinds of parties. Some of our favorites include:

  • BBQ Special

    • For those days that you break out the grill and provide an excellent cookout for your family and friends. While there is no beef brisket, you can get burgers, dogs, sausage, chicken, and rolls with plenty left over for dinners during the week (or seconds, we won’t judge).


  • Butcher’s Special

    • Are you ready for some wings and steak tips? Who are we kidding, of course, you are! With our butcher’s special, you get chicken wings, steak tips, Italian sausage, and extra lean hamburger. Did we mention you get 3 lbs. of each? If this doesn’t satisfy your hungry guests, nothing will. With some of our best finger foods, it is always a good party.


  • Super Sizzler Pack

    • Who doesn’t like to hear a nice sizzle when the meat gets put on the grill? The feeling is second to none when you hear that sizzling meat and know that you are going to have some delicious meals. In our Super Sizzler, you get marinated chicken, marinated beef (try a different flavor), beef patties, homemade Italian sausage and of course the rolls.


  • Game Days Special

    • Football and hockey season is (practically) over, and it is now time for basketball and baseball. There is always an excellent opportunity to have a game day party for your team. It is the best way to show your support aside from yelling at the refs. With our game day special, you can be sure to please your pickiest guests. Coming loaded with our smoked baby back ribs, wings (in your choice of buffalo or teriyaki), meatballs, and kielbasa, you have a little something for everyone. We will even give you a 12 pack of beer (domestic) to assist in the celebrations. The party never needs to end when your guests have enough food for a king.



When you come to look around at our vast selection of meats, ask your butcher about the specials they have. With their extensive knowledge, they can lead you through our stock to choose the best for everyone at your party. Surprise Mom with a home cooked meal, let Dad have the guys over for beer and a game, or enjoy a lovely family afternoon in the sun. We are ready for the rain to stop and the grills to be cooking. So, our question is, what are you cooking tonight?