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Tips and Tricks For Grilling

Local butcher shop from AlpineIt’s time to get cooking outside! While you can get the best cut of meat from your local butcher shop to cook on your grill, you also need to make sure that your grill is ready to cook. Without a properly prepped grill, your meat could go from fantastic to icky real fast. Here are a few tips to make sure that your grill is ready for any cut you bring home.

  1. Remove any ashes that may be left over from last year.
  2. If you have a gas grill, make sure that you have a full tank and test for any leaks in any of the lines to the machine with soap and water solution. If you see bubbles, you have a leak. If you have a low tank or leak, get it taken care of ASAP.
  3. Heat up the grill so you can clear off any debris from last year’s cookouts that may be on the grill. Use a stainless steel bristle brush. Just make sure it isn’t right after you cook, as it may be sticky still.
  4. Make sure that the whole grill is clean. If there is any build up anywhere, get rid of it. It will make for a better cook.
  5. If you have a charcoal grill, prep the kettle. Adding a lining of aluminum foil will help you with clean up after the coals are cooled.
  6. Empty the drip pan of any grease after each use of your grill.



While many of these seem like common sense, it is important to remember that everyone is human and will forget these at some point in time. If you need to get grilling soon, definitely make sure you do a full inspection of your grill for the season. It is better to replace the grill sooner than after a catastrophe happens. Also, remember to keep things safe.

  • Keep your grill a safe distance from your home.
  • Keep propane tanks out of direct sunlight and outside.
  • Use only charcoal lighter fluid, and do not add more than necessary. Be patient and allow for the grill to heat up naturally.
  • Keep the lid open when lighting a gas grill.
  • Cover your grill with a waterproof grill cover to make it last longer.



As long as you maintain and care for your grill, you should be able to cook the perfect meal for you and your guests. With beautiful weather on its way, your local butcher shop will be able to help you find the right cuts of meat for all of your cookout needs. We can even give you a few tips on how to cook the meat right the first time on the grill rather than dealing with trial and error. It is going to be a good summer this year, and Alpine Butcher is here to supply the meats!