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What Is The Best Cut Of Steak For Grilling?

local butcher shopAsking what the best cut of steak is is like asking if the sun won’t rise tomorrow. It seems impossible to choose just one cut of steak to cook on the grill. Thankfully, when you go to buy steaks at a local butcher shop, you won’t need to choose just one cut of meat to toss on the grill. There are about a dozen good steaks to cook on a grill, and while we won’t talk about all of them, we will speak of a good handful. It is important to know which cuts you should look out for when you go to grill.




  • T-Bone

    • The T-Bone is a staple in steak houses everywhere and for a good reason. A T-Bone steak comes with two cuts of meat on it, which is fabulous on its own. With a small piece of filet mignon and a larger piece of New York Strip, you can’t go wrong. With enough to fill you and possibly offer leftovers, you never have to choose between cuts again.
  • Porterhouse

    • Larger than the T-Bone but similar in concept. Coming with the New York Strip and the filet mignon once again, this one gives you a little bit more of both. However, this significant cut of steak will be enough for two people if not more. It is thick, juicy, and has the best of all worlds.
  • Ribeye

    • Cowboy Steaks, Delmonico, or Ribeye. No matter what you want to call it, this piece of meat is a delicious meat to grill. Bone-in or bone-out, the marbling in this cut usually allows for a tender, juicy cut that won’t disappoint you.
  • Flat Iron Steak

    • Tender, marbled, and slowly gaining popularity, the flat iron steak is a delicious upcoming steak. Perfect for marinades or on its own, this little steak packs a flavorful punch.
  • Skirt Steak

    • Ah, skirt steak. A little bit “tougher” than some of the other cuts of meat, but still allowing for a perfect grill experience. With a rich flavor and slight chew, it is worth a try to get this relatively quick cooking steak to satisfy your steak craving. What used to be a cheap cut of meat, due to popularity it is climbing the price range, but it does best over high heat and is truly something to experience.



When you need to decide which steak works best for you, ask your local butcher shop. We only touched the surface with some steaks that are good to grill. Ask questions when you buy steaks, and you could leave with a new cut to try that could become your new favorite. There are a lot of products in our cases that we cut for you as needed, so stop in to see what is fresh for you.

Check us out online at Alpinebutcher.com, give us a call at (978)-256-7771, or stop in to say hi at 963 Chelmsford St. in Lowell. We can help you find your steak from a local butcher shop that you can’t beat.