What does USDA Prime mean?

USDA Prime refers to the highest grade of Beef available in the United States. Less than 3% of beef in the United States can be certified as Prime. It is a measure of the marble score of the beef as well as the cattle age of maturity.

What makes you different than other markets or butchers?

  • Freshness and Integrity: Our products are cut daily and never packed in preservatives or modified gases. We go above and beyond while trimming our products so to ensure minimal waste for the customer. Every bite is fantastic.
  • Customization: We can package and vacuum seal your products in the quantities that you need ahead of time or on a made-to-order basis.
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service: We always have one of our experienced butchers on location at any time so we can address any concerns or questions that our clients may have.
  • Large Variety of In-Stock Products: We are an authentic butcher shop with almost any cut of meat in stock daily. We also have a variety of hard to find game meats available.

Are there any additives or fillers in your hamburger or patties?

For over 100 years, our beef has been ground in-house several times a day without the use of any additives or fillers.

Do I have to buy large amounts, or can I get a specific quantity?

You can get any amount you need, packaged any way you like. We have a vacuum sealer if you plan on freezing your items too.

Are your meats hand cut?

Yes. Each of our steaks is individually cut by hand, by one of our certified butchers daily. We can also fresh cut a product on the spot for no additional cost.